I have been practicing law in Arkansas since 2010. I practice in family law, including DHS cases, and in criminal defense. I'd like to talk to you. My travels from West Virginia to Alaska (and lots of places in between!) cultivated my appreciation for the differences between people and cemented my belief that we all just want what is right and good for our families and ourselves. My legal passion is any case involving family and children. Solving problems, keeping families together, serving justice from the ground up. That’s me. Often, we find that family issues and criminal issues are closely intertwined; and I’m no stranger to the criminal defense bar. Whether a judge or jury, my experience and competitiveness ensure that my clients get the best possible results. I’m a certified parent counsel attorney, ad litem and Junior Poolplayers coach, and all-around good, reasonable person. Getting the right result is often a question of both sides being reasonable and working out a solution that benefits the children and the parties without costing a kidney and your dignity. Sometimes that doesn’t work… and an unreasonable opposing party forces us to trial in which case, I play to win which is why I’m a great Lion Lawyer. My non-legal passions are Billiards, martial arts, and music. With two world Championship titles in martial arts under my belt (pun intended), a degree in Opera Studies and my weekly pool games, you know my performance skills are un-matched, whether a Billiards competition in Vegas or a jury in Saline County, rest assured I am prepared and eager to wow the audience and get that W. I’m a Razorback through and through (Law Class of ’09) and Polar Bear (obviously University of Alaska…what other school has a Polar Bear mascot) and now a Dog-towner (NLR resident for those of you unfamiliar with the title!) I cannot overstate how much I appreciate the Lion values, mission, purpose, and culture of Lion Legal Services and that I will always come roaring to your rescue!


  • 2010, Arkansas

Law School

  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Leflar Law Center, Class of 2009, J.D.